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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the adoption process take?

While every case is different, the entire adoption process from home study to placement, takes from about six months to over a year.


What help is offered to the children and their adoptive families?

Children and their adoptive families receive support from adoption professionals, which may include referrals for individual therapy, support groups and on-call support.


Will I receive financial assistance?

Yes. An adoption subsidy is available in most instances until the child’s 18th birthday. Adopted children’s medical care is paid by the state of Florida until their 18th birthday. They are also eligible for 4-year college tuition to any Florida state college or university.


What are the costs associated with the adoption process?

There is no cost to adopt a child who is in the care and custody of the state. All major expenses related to the adoption are paid by the state.


Do I have to be a resident of Florida to adopt?

Residents of other states can adopt children who are available for adoption in Florida. Out of state residents will need to obtain an approved home study from an adoption agency licensed in their state.

Residents of foreign countries are usually not eligible to adopt, unless they are a relative of the child or have a home in Florida.


Are there any age restrictions for adoptive parents?

You must be at least 21 years old and least 10 years older than the child. There is no upper limit for prospective adoptive parents; however, you must be in good health.


Can gay and lesbian persons adopt in Florida?

Yes, they can.


Are interracial adoptions allowed?



Is there an income requirement to adopt?

No, other than that the adoptive parent be able to support themselves and the child who they are adopting.


What happens once the adoption is finalized?

The child becomes a permanent member of the adopting family, affording parents all rights and responsibilities that would come with a biological birth child.


Once I adopt, will contact with the biological parents end?

Yes. The biological parents have no rights to see their former children or even know of their whereabouts.